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On Friday, May 18, New Mexico True and Special Olympics New Mexico announced a new partnership to bring the joy of sport to all New Mexicans and to add New Mexico True branding to Special Olympics’ statewide events and promotional materials.

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New Mexico True has generously provided us with Extended Stay Adventure Guides and inspiring #NewMexicoTrue Videos for different areas across the state where our competitions are held. Check out the below guides and the video links for ideas to make your competition weekends well rounded – including outdoor recreation ideas and restaurant recommendations. Stay tuned for more info in the future, and check out for information regarding places to go, things to do, and events across the state.

Extended Stay Adventure Guides

Albuquerque, NM: State Summer Games Extended Stay Adventure Guide

Bernalillo, NM: State Bowling Extended Stay Adventure Guide

Clovis, NM: State Equestrian Extended Stay Adventure Guide

Four Corners Extended Stay Adventure Guide

Las Cruces, NM: Holiday Classic Extended Stay Adventure Guide

#NewMexicoTrue Videos

Visit New Mexico: Bernalillo

Visit New Mexico: Las Cruces

Visit New Mexico: Four Corners

Visit New Mexico: Moriarty

Visit New Mexico: Roswell

Visit New Mexico: Tucumcari