General Orientation/Protective Behaviors

VOLUNTEER GENERAL ORIENTATION AND PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOR QUIZZES (mandatory for all coaches, unified partners and “A” level volunteers)

Thank you for becoming a volunteer with Special Olympics New Mexico. Please review the General Orientation and Protective Behaviors Power Point prior to completing the quizzes. Once you complete your General Orientation and Protective Behavior quizzes, you will be notified immediately of your score. If you did not pass, please review the Power Point presentation once again, or contact the Coaches Education Department at 505-856-0342 to clarify any questions, then retake the quiz. Once you have received a passing score of 80%, please notify your Head of Delegation and don’t forget to complete your background check as well.

 General Orientation and Protective Behavior Power Point Training

There are two different trainings/quizzes. Please be sure to complete both in order to be certified as a volunteer. 

Click HERE for the General Orientation Quiz, this only needs to be taken once for a Lifetime Certification.
Click HERE for the Protective Behavior Quiz, this needs to be taken every 3 years to continue participating with SONM.