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Ways to Donate – Old

For more information, contact Christine Roybal Hidalgo at or 505-856-0342.

One-time or Recurring Donation

The easiest way to give to Special Olympics New Mexico
  • For a safe, fast and easy way to contribute to our athletes and sport programs, make an on-line donation to Special Olympics New Mexico. One-hundred percent of your donation will stay in New Mexico. Click here and you will be re-directed to the Special Olympics, Inc. website. You can also use this website to setup monthly gifts, memorials or honorariums that will be appear on your credit card.

  • To mail your donation to Special Olympics New Mexico, please send your contribution to:

    Special Olympics New Mexico
    6600 Palomas NE, Suite 207
    Albuquerque, NM  87109

  • A commemorative or memorial gift is the best way to add extra meaning while supporting the continuance of vital sports programs and services to our community.  Click here to make a commemorative or memorial gift or simply provide our office with the name and address of individuals that should received an acknowledgement.

  • A matched gift is the easiest way to double or triple your donation. Many companies match charitable contributions made by their employees, retired employees or spouse’s employees. Ask your employer if they offer a matching gift program then simply obtain the form, fill out the information and send it in with your donation…we can do the rest.

  • Combined Federal Campaign allows federal employees the opportunity to support the mission of Special Olympics New Mexico by designating their contribution to the organization directly. If you’re interested in designating your contribution to SONM use the code 77718.

  • Our Family Tree endowment is a family giving club established by Special Olympics New Mexico in January, 1998. It was created for Special Olympics families who reflect a shared belief in the importance of providing year-round sports opportunities for their child, grandchild, sibling, or other Special Olympics family members of the future. Making an investment in Special Olympics New Mexico through the Family Tree membership will ensure a solid foundation for future Special Olympics athletes and their families. As a member of this distinguished group, you will become an even more integral part of the Special Olympics New Mexico family. An investment as low as $250 or as high as $2,500 can help you and your family become a member of our Family Tree.

  • The Friendship Tree endowment was also created to ensure a solid foundation for future Special Olympics New Mexico athletes and families. The Friendship Tree, which follows the same philosophy as The Family Tree, allows Special Olympics New Mexico friends to become an even more integral part of the Special Olympics New Mexico family. Contributors help to broaden the base of restricted endowment financial support for Special Olympics New Mexico, thereby securing sports opportunities for future generations of athletes. With a gift of $250 (Giver of Courage), $500 (Giver of Joy), $1,000 (Giver of Hope) or $2,500 (Giver of Life) our friends will join the ranks of a very special group of people. Special Olympics New Mexico Friendship Tree contributors embody the spirit of sport and truly inspire greatness among our athletes.

  • Have you ever wished you could support Special Olympics New Mexico and improve your financial security at the same time? How is this possible? By taking advantage of incentives the IRS provides, you can craft a gift that delivers exactly the benefits to us, and to you, that you have been looking for.

    Consider leaving a legacy gift to ensure that our work empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training, and competition continues long into the future. See the Boundless Giving brochure that outlines the most common ways you can show your support of Special Olympics New Mexico through legacy giving. Financial advisers call these creative techniques “planned gifts” because with thoughtful planning, you can turn personal giving challenges into win-win situations for you and for us.

    Learn more here.

    Make the Gift of a Lifetime by Turning Retirement Accounts into Charitable Good

    Speak to your estate planner, financial advisor or attorney about individual giving options. If no estate planning attorney or other recommendations emerge from friends or family, and you want to keep your sources local, contact the trust department of your bank. You may also find sources through two major national organizations: the State Bar of New Mexico and the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils (

  • Special Olympics New Mexico is always in need of volunteers, equipment, and supplies to help us to continue to provide quality sports training and competition for our athletes. Below is our “Wishlist” – if you would like to donate any of the items below, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Call 505-856-0342 for questions or to sponsor an item.

    • Sponsor a 16 foot dual axle utility trailer (Estimated cost: $2k-3k)
    • Sponsor our Assistant Sports Director to attend the 2019 Special Olympics Sports Conference (Estimated cost: $2000)