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Before completing an online Sport Certification:

Review the rules for the sport you want to certify in. These can be found at the bottom of this page, click on the link and take the quiz!

You must receive a passing score or 80% in order to certify. Once finished, your score will automatically be emailed to you and to the SONM Sport Office. Your information and sport certification will be processed and your certification will documented in your volunteer file. If you score below the required percentage, review the sport-specific rules and information again and retake the quiz.

Equestrian online certification is only available to those who have been pre-approved by the Equestrian Sport Director. Please contact her for further information on trainings and certification.

In-person Sport Certification Training:  If your team would like in person sport certification, please contact your Area Director.

Online Sport Certification Training:  Click a sport link below to access online training resources for that specific sport.

Aquatics Rules                                             Athletics Rules                                        Basketball Rules 

Aquatics Coaches Guide                     Athletics Coaches Guide                Basketball Coaches Guide


Bocce Rules                                                  Bowling Rules                                          Golf Rules

Bocce Coaches Guide                                 Bowling Coaches Guide                         Golf Coaches Guide


Poly Hockey Rules                                      Unified Flag Football Rules                 Unified Softball Rules

                                                                                                                        Unified SB Coaches Guide


Unified Volleyball Rules   Unified Volleyball Format and Modifications                       Equestrian Rules

Unified VB Coaches Guide                                                                              Equestrian Coaches Guide

Online Certification Quizzes:  Click a specific sport link below to access that sport’s online training quiz.







Poly Hockey

Unified Flag Football

Unified Softball

Unified Volleyball


Coaching Special Olympics Athletes

 Concussion Certification

 Unified Sports