2017 State Equestrian Competition

General Information
Chapter Dates:    September 15-16, 2017
City:                      Clovis
Venue:                  Clovis Events Center
Season Opens:    June 3, 2017
Season Length:   16 Weeks
Sports:                  Equestrian
Events:                 See Registration for Events List

Registration Deadlines
Area 4     September 4
Area 5:    September 4

State Qualifying Area Competition
Area 4
TBA                Clovis              Curry County Fair Grounds
Area 5
July 22           Stanley             Rockin Horse Ranch

Equestrian Registration Forms and Information
2017 SONM Equestrian Registration – Excel
2017 SONM Equestrian Registration– PDF
2017 Equestrian Schedule of Events – PDF
2017 Equestrian Rules – PDF
2017 Rider Profile (only needed if new rider or a change in classification)- PDF
2017 Showmanship at Halter Pattern A & B
2017 Showmanship at Halter Pattern C & D
2017 Working Trails Course All Divisions
SONM Rule Modifications

Delegation Information
Clovis Delegation Info
Four Point Riders Delegation Info
Rockin Wranglers Delegation Info
Whirlwinds Delegation Info

2017 EQU Compressed HS All Events

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