Fitness Challenges

Fitness Challenges Overview

Special Olympics New Mexico creates Fitness Challenges throughout the year to promote health, wellness, and general fitness of all Special Olympics athletes. Keep reading to learn more and participate in current fitness challenges.

Group Waiver

  • The Group Waiver is for groups participating in fitness programming, with individuals (participants) who do not have active medical forms on file with Special Olympics New Mexico.
  • Group Waiver Fillable

2023 Fit 5 & Strong Minds Challenge:

Join our Fit 5 & Strong Minds Challenge! This 6-week challenge is completed using the Special Olympics SOFit app. The challenge is active now through December 24.

Download the SO FitNow app on your smart phone or visit the SO Fit Now Website to access the trackers for the challenge.

If you do not have a smartphone or access to the website, email for printed trackers.

Fit 5 and Strong Minds Getting Started Guide

Fit 5 and Strong Minds Challenge Printed Guide

Fit 5 and Strong Minds Weekly Introductions

Join the SONM Health and Wellness Facebook Group: Stay motivated by connecting with other Special Olympics athletes! Join the Facebook Group

2022 Fall Fitness Challenge (6-week challenge):

This fitness challenge has ended but you are free to complete the challenge for fun and fitness using the PDFs below anytime!