State Equestrian Competition


General Information
Chapter Dates: September 8-9, 2023
City: Clovis
Venue: Curry Co Events Center
Season Opens: June 3, 2023
Season Length: 15 Weeks
Sports: Equestrian

Registration Deadlines
All Areas – August 2nd, 2023

State Qualifying Area Competition
Area 4
TBA                                      Clovis              RB Ranch
Area 5
August 12th                                    Stanley            Rockin Horse Ranch

Equestrian Registration Forms and Information

2023 Equestrian Registration – excel
2023 Equestrian Registration – PDF
2023 Equestrian Schedule – PDF

2023 Equestrian Rule Clarifications and Modifications

Pattern Information

2023-2024 Showmanship A B

2023-2024 SO Showmanship A B with Distance

2023-2024  Showmanship C D

2023-2024 SO Showmanship C D with Distance

2023-2024  Trail A B

2023-2024 SO Trail A B With distance

2023-2024  Trail C D

2023-2024 SO Trail C D With distance